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In 2005, the California Equal Pay Act was amended to state that an employer shall not pay any employees wages that are less than what is paid to employees of the opposite sex for performing substantially similar work. If you are not being paid equally to workers of the opposite sex in your workplace, call the unequal pay lawyers in Los Angeles at Feldman Browne, APC.

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Understanding Changes to the California Equal Pay Act

There were two changes to the Equal Pay Act in the amendment. The first was designed to lower the standard for proving wage inequality. In the past, a female employee had to show that she performs equal work in the same establishment, but this was changed to “substantially similar” work. This prevents the practice of employers giving different job titles to rationalize discriminatory pay.

The employer must show that there are non-discriminatory reasons for pay differences, including:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Experience, but only when it is consistent with a business necessity

The second change to the law requires greater transparency at work in regards to pay secrecy. Employers are now prohibited from penalizing or retaliating against employees for discussing their wages. Policies that penalize employees for discussing their wages actually contribute to the wage gap because many women don’t know that they are subject to wage discrimination.

Compensation for Wage Discrimination

When an employee demonstrates inequality in pay, that employee can recover the difference in pay, interest, and an equal amount as liquidated damages. The employer may also be ordered to pay the costs of the lawsuit and reasonable attorney’s fees. There is a statute of limitations of two or three years for willful violations, so we recommend contacting our unequal pay lawyers in Los Angeles.

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