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If you have a disability, you are protected by federal and state law if your employer intends to or already has discriminated against you. Many conditions are protected by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act as well as California’s own disability laws. If you are experiencing mistreatment, or unfair treatment compared to coworkers without disabilities, you need an attorney to help you fight for what you deserve.

The lawyers at Feldman Browne have extensive experience representing disabled workers in claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and Failure to Accommodate. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in damages for our clients, who each received individual consideration for their case. When you become our client, our disability discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles invest time in learning as much as possible about your situation and develop a legal strategy that takes the details of your claim and your goals into account.

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What Is Reasonable Accommodation?

Workers with disabilities are entitled to workplace accommodations if such accommodations are reasonable, do not impose an undue hardship on their employers, and if the employee is able to perform the essential functions of their job with or without such accommodations.

Examples of reasonable accommodations can include:

  • Modified work schedules
  • Modified non-essential duties
  • Decreased physical demands
  • Transfers to other departments
  • Modified workspaces
  • Preferred parking

Reasonable accommodations may also include an extended, unpaid leave of absence even if the employee does not qualify for such leave under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA0) or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – or even if the employee has exhausted their allotted time off under those statutes.

It is unlawful for employers to terminate a disabled employee who was unable to perform essential job duties without reasonable accommodation of any kind. If you were fired because your employer was unwilling to implement reasonable accommodation to help you do your job, the experienced Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyers at Feldman Browne can help.

The Cost of Reasonable Accommodation

Because some forms of reasonable accommodation may require the employer to make purchases – special furniture, software, electronic aids, etc. – employees may be wary to request what they really need.

There is no statutory limit as to how much accommodation can cost an employer or how much accommodation an employee can request. That said, most forms of accommodation end up as either low one-time costs or no-cost solutions, such as changing an employee’s schedule or non-essential duties.

If an employer still feels that implementing the accommodation would cause undue hardship upon their company, they must be prepared to thoroughly demonstrate this – and it is not so easy to do.

Need Legal Help? Call Now.

If your disability was a factor in your termination or harassment you’ve at work, you need to act fast to preserve your chance at getting what you deserve. In California, those who have experienced discrimination have one year from the date they last experienced discrimination to file their claim.

If you want a no-cost opportunity to speak with an attorney who can help you validate your claim, reach out to Feldman Browne, APC for help.

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