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Feldman Browne, APC is widely recognized as one of the top sexual harassment law firms in California. We have been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement since it began; We are panel counsel for #TimesUp and Women in Film’s sexual harassment helpline. Over the last 9 months alone we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for the victims of sexual harassment, successfully taking on, and bringing down, some of the biggest companies and most powerful individuals in Hollywood and California as a whole.

We have extensive experience litigating sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims, but also settling such claims privately and confidentially for maximum value prior to filing suit.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Woman looking uncomfortable with a man's hand on her shoulder The legal definition of sexual harassment including it as a type of discrimination based on sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment can affect both men and women and can occur between peers, supervisors and their subordinates, and everyone in between.

The most common types of sexual harassment cases include “quid pro quo,” where someone conditions a job, promotion, career advancement or other work benefit on your submission to sexual advances or other conduct based on sex.

 “Hostile work environment” sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome comments or conduct based on sex unreasonably interfere with your work performance or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment – even if the offensive conduct was not aimed directly at you.

Examples of sexual harassment may include:

  • Unwanted sexual statements, personal attention, physical, or sexual advances
  • Promising a raise or career advancement for a sexual favor
  • Offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors
  • Leering, gestures, or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons or other images
  • Derogatory comments or jokes
  • Graphic comments, sexually degrading words or suggestive or obscene messages or invitations
  • Physical touching or assault, as well as impeding or blocking movements Woman looking uncomfortable with a man's hand on her shoulder

Defining Hostile Work Environment Harassment

While most perpetrators of Quid-Pro-Quo harassment are supervisors or members of management, virtually anyone at work has the ability to create a negative or hostile work environment. Co-workers, vendors, third parties who happen to be at the worksite, or even occasional visitors like delivery people or couriers can create a hostile work environment through sexual harassment.

Here are some broad examples of sexual harassment that can lead to a hostile work environment:

  • Repeatedly touching, grabbing or groping an individual without explicit consent from both parties
  • Using insults or disparaging sexual terms toward another person
  • Telling dirty or offensive jokes or anecdotes, even after being warned not to
  • Sending offensive correspondence, emails or pictures that contain sexually-explicit messages

A hostile work environment claim must be substantiated by several key points. The victim must think that the conduct is hostile, abusive or offensive, and they must convince a court of law that a reasonable person would think that similar conduct would be offensive in a normal work environment. Employers must remain steadfastly concerned with addressing any hostile work environment claim, lest they assume liability and blame for the outcome of the harassment event.

Impact of Sexual Harassment at Work

  • Creates a depressing and oppressive work environment for the victim
  • Distraction from individual productivity
  • Fear, stress, and health-related issues
  • Negatively impacts workplace attendance
  • Slows professional advancement and compensation

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Badges of recognition that Feldman Browne Olivares, APC has receivedFeldman Browne, APC exclusively represents California employees. Through aggressive litigation, Feldman Browne, APC has recovered more than $200,000,000 in verdicts and settlements on behalf of workers and their families, including more than $64,000,000 and twenty-five (25) seven-figure verdicts in the last 5 years.

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